Welcome to British Columbia Youth Parliament!

        While the BCYP "Coat of Arms" may, inadvertently, not fall within proper heraldic guidelines, it is a modest attempt to try to capture the history and legacy of our Parliament. The shield, a modification of the shield of the BC Provincial Coat of Arms, includes a depiction of the Legislative Buildings, which our Parliament has been fortunate enough to use since 1924. Above the shield is a stylized depiction of the BCYP mace, a logo representing our Parliament since the 1920's. It faces to the viewers left, as it would appear to an observer in the gallery where guests to our Parliament sit. Beneath the shield is a ribbon bearing the Latin phrase "Iuvenes Iuvenem Servandum" meaning "Youth Serving Youth", the BCYP motto and aim.

       Around this ribbon are three dogwood flowers, the official flower of BC, representing the three traditional regions that the Youth Parliament has as its administrative divisions. These dogwoods are labelled in Latin as "Insula" ("Island"), "Pars Interior" ("Interior Place"), and "Litus Meridianus" ("Southern Coast", meaning the Lower Mainland; which is preferable to the more literal but less flattering translation of "Lower Mainland" into "Terra Inferior").

       Behind the shield is a depiction of the Phoenix bird, reminding us of the spirit of Parliament's major service project for the last 30 years. The Phoenix holds a Maple Leaf in its beak to remind us that, while we are British Columbians, we are first and foremost Canadians.

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