Welcome to British Columbia Youth Parliament!

How do I apply? Get an application from here, fill it in, and mail it before the deadline.

What is the commitment? BCYP is a year-long commitment! As a member, it is your responsibility to attend as many events in your region as you can. But don't worry, they're fun! You'll want to!

What are some of BCYP's projects? Our projects range from soup kitchens, to can shaking fundraisers, to leadership camps, to various other volunteer events throughout the year.

What is the primary goal of BCYP? We aim to serve the youth of BC through our many projects!

What is session? Session is the time of year where we all get together and discuss what we want to do for the year. Our goals are laid out through parliamentary style procedure and debate.

Where is session? Session is held each year in Victoria, BC. We are fortunate enough to have the use of the Parliament Buildings during our stay.

What should I bring to session? Make sure you have enough clothes and other necessities to last you from the 27th-31st of December, and money for three lunches and three dinners. Don't forget to bring casual clothes for activities at the hotel in the evening! You may also find it helpful to have a few pens, pencils and a notebook. More information about packing is sent out in the application and pre-sessional packages.

Where do we sleep during session? Not in the House! We stay at the Harbour Towers hotel, which is within walking distance of the Parliament buildings.

What else do we do at session? There is lots of time to meet new people, and have some fun during our social activities in the evenings!

How do I know what's going on? The website, the e-digests, the parls, and your Minister of New Member Relations!

How can I organize my own service project? Talk to your regional minister: Islands, Lower Mainland, Interior.

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