Welcome to British Columbia Youth Parliament!

        The interior is the largest region containing all areas of the province north and east of Hope. Our minister of the interior is Connor. Contact him with any comments, questions or suggestions about anything going in the interior.

        For the second consecutive year we will be holding two regional youth parliaments in the interior: Southern Interior Youth Parliament and Northern British Columbia Youth Parliament. No matter where you are in the interior you have the opportunity to join in on the fun, check out the regional youth parliament page for more information about RYPs.

        This year the interior is organizing an interior-wide 50/50 draw, among numerous fundraisers that interior members will help to decide and plan. For all our fundraising activites please check the community fundraising page.

       Interior members are currently planning our major service projects for the region. Check back after session for more information! If you have any suggestions for service projects in the interior please contact Connor.

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