How to Apply

1. Download the application.

2. Have an organization sponsor you - five nominators needed.

3. Write a personal statement outlining: why you would like to be a member of BCYP; what type of activities you are involved with in your community and/or relating to debate and public speaking; how you believe you can personally contribute to BCYP.

4. Mail it in before the deadline. The deadline for applications to the 88th BCYP is October 27th, 2016

    Welcome to British Columbia youth Parliament!

        Every year, between December 27th and 31st, 95 representatives of youth organizations from across British Columbia gather at the Provincial Legislature in Victoria for the annual session of British Columbia youth Parliament.

        Members sit as independents — not representing any political party and voting with their individual consciences on all issues. Members learn about, and experience firsthand the parliamentary process, debate topics of interest, and plan numerous activities for the upcoming year. After Session, members put these activities and projects into action. Proposed activities are presented in the form of government bills; once passed they're actually put into effect! This is where BC youth Parliament differs from its counterparts — BCYP is in no way a "model" or "mock" parliament; our legislation actually translates into real action in the community.

        Application Information: The application deadline for the 88th British Columbia youth Parliament was October 27th, 2016. If you are aged 16 to 21, you may be able to get involved in youth parliament! To apply, print off an application, have an organization/school/group sponsor you, write a personal statement and mail, email or fax in a completed application form. If you would like to request a copy of the teacher/coordinator information package please contact Rhonda Vanderfluit, BCYP Registrar.

        Community Financial Assistance: If you have been accepted as a member of BCYP this fall, and are planning to request financial assistance from community sources (such as a school, service club, business, community foundation, or municipal government) to help cover your registration fee, the letters below may be of use. The first template letter would be appropriate if you are requesting assistance from a group you are a part of — such as your school, a club you are a member of, or your municipal government. The second template would be better to use if you are applying for financial assistance from an organization or business that you have no direct ties to — such as a service club or local business.
            Template Letter 1
            Template Letter 2

        Applications are no longer open.

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