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       The Inspiring New Member Award recognises those members who have made exceptional contributions to the service and fundraising activities of British Columbia Youth Parliament during their first year as part of the organisation. The award is presented annually to a second year member who has made the greatest contribution to Youth Parliament projects during their inaugural year.

       The award was initiated by the desire on the part of Terasen (formerly BC Gas) to sponsor an award for Youth Parliament. The Cabinet of the 68th British Columbia Youth Parliament decided to accept the generous offer by BC Gas and chose to create the Inspiring New Member Award. The British Columbia Youth Parliament owes many thanks to both Kathi Thompson of BC Gas and Karin Yeung, Premier of the 68th British Columbia Youth Parliament for initiating this award.

       In 2014 the Speaker's Office of BC took over the sponsorship of the award. The Hon. Linda Reid, as Speaker of the BC Legislature and a BCYP alumna, commissioned a new trophy for the New Member Award, to replace the previous trophy which had been damaged. Linda has shown incredible support for BCYP and its session over the years, and her office's sponsorship of this award is fitting and appreciated.

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