Welcome to British Columbia Youth Parliament!

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Chairs: Kyle Dow
Chief Returning Officer: Zachary Authier
Premier: Lina Losier
Leader of the Opposition: Marin McCarthy

Welcome to the 24th Vancouver Island Youth Parliament's Webpage, here you will find everything you need to apply for this amazing experience. We truly hope that you will join us for this amazing, potentially life changing experience. Where you will have the opportunity to learn more then you ever thought possible about parliamentary procedure, debate Private Members Resolutions focused on topics that you are passionate about and create friendships that will last a lifetime. Applications are to have been received by March 5th, so please download the application (LINK), fill everything out, and put it in the mail. If you are staying over night please include the billet consent form. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact the chair at any time via email.We look forward to meeting you and hope you will join us for this amazing experience. Applications for the 25th VIYP held March 10th-12th found here.

The Vancouver Island Youth Parliament is designed to represent the youth of this unique region of the province. To achieve this goal, VIYP aspires to increase the number of youth involved in this process by spreading awareness of this opportunity throughout the Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands communities. In addition, VIYP intends to further its presence in the community by becoming more involved in service projects throughout the region.

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