In the coming weeks we would like to introduce you to some of the people who are hard at work to make session happen… the cabinet!

Sky Social Media Intro.png

Today we will be introducing our Premier, Sky Losier!

This is Sky’s fifth year of BCYP and, in the past, has served as the Minister of the Islands, Provincial Secretary, Leader of the Opposition, and, most recently, Minister of Camp Phoenix. He as also been involved with all aspects of running Regional Youth Parliaments across the province. Last year, Sky had the opportunity to represent BCYP at the 8th Commonwealth Youth Parliament.

As Premier, Sky’s goals are to support all of his Ministers in carrying out their responsibilities and to support the Membership in learning about BCYP and getting involved with our projects. In his final year, he is especially looking forward to Camp Phoenix and hopes to try and attend the RYP’s he hasn’t been to yet.

Outside of BCYP, Sky studies Political Science & Human Dimensions of Climate Change at UVic and works for Elizabeth May in her Constituency Office. In the little free time he has, Sky likes backpack camping, hiking, or anything to do with being outside in nature. One day he hopes to visit every National Park in Canada! When Sky isn’t doing the above, he enjoys working to get young/progressive people elected to public office

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