Today we will be introducing the Minister of the Lower Mainland, Ranil!

Ranil Social Media Intro-2.png

Ranil is a 3rd year member and is well prepared to take on the responsibilities of Minister of the Lower Mainland having, in the past, served as Deputy Minister and Critic of the Lower Mainland, Chair of LMEYP, and Chief Returning Officer of VYP. Ranil has also been involved with Camp Phoenix and feels that it was an incredibly rewarding experience to give youth, who wouldn’t otherwise have the ability, the opportunity to attend summer camp.

As Minister of the Lower Mainland, one of Ranil’s major goals is to increase engagement among members who live out East, and South of the Fraser by providing them with more events and opportunities to serve their communities. He’d also like to hold more innovative fundraisers. This year, Ranil is looking forward to chairing the 31st Vancouver Youth Parliament, and seeing the other RYPS across the province succeed!

Ranil is currently a 2ndyear Political Science and Urban Studies student at UBC and a Project Assistant for UBC Development and Alumni Engagement. Outside of BCYP, Ranil  does even more YP as co-chair of UBC Model Parliament. He has been known to host exclusive dorm room dinner parties, love bad disaster films, and enjoymarshmallow peeps. Fun fact! Ranil has seen every single BC Question Period since 2014!

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