Today we will be introducing the Minister of Public Relations, Astra Lund-Phillips!

Astra Social Media Intro.png

Astra, is a second year member and after an exciting first year as an RYP Clerk, Deputy Speaker of LMEYP, Camp Phoenix Activity Director, and Krispy Kreme Salesperson, she is excited to be a part of cabinet! Throughout the year Astra hopes she can learn more about YP and help others learn as well.

As Minister of Public Relations, Astra’s goal is to get more media coverage, in a wide variety of different media sources during and after session. She’s also currently working to ensure that we have some great merchandise! Astra is excited for session to make new friends, see old ones, and go to Old Spag-of course!

Outside of BCYP, Astra is currently studying at the University of Victoria. She is active on campus as a writer and editor for HerCampus and serves as the Co-Minister of Fundraising and Events for UVic Model UN. Astra also enjoys travelling, defending the Oxford comma, and buying stationary and scented candles!

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