Today we will be introducing Alex Fraser, the Deputy Premier and Minister of Camp Phoenix!

Alex Social Media Intro.png

Alex is a 5th year member and, in the past, has served as Critic of Project Phoenix, Deputy Minister of the Lower Mainland, and most recently Minister of New Member Relations. They have been involved with several RYP’s as a Clerk, Co-Chair, and Sous Chef! Alex was also Program Director of Camp Phoenix last year and is excited take on the role of Camp Administrator and Minister.

As Deputy Premier and Minister of Camp Phoenix, Alex’s goal is to run a fun and safe Camp! Camping was an integral part of their childhood and they are excited to have the opportunity to share it. Alex initially joined BCYP because of the impact it made on their parents and friends, but has stayed because of the bond they’ve made with the other members and the pride they get from incredible projects like Camp Phoenix.

Outside of BCYP, Alex is an Electrical Apprentice and a leader with the Girl Guides of Canada. When they’re not busy with Guides or YP, Alex likes to relax by watching tv/movies, reading, making art projects, or walking their dog.

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