Today we will be introducing Brendan Liaw, our Minister of Regional Youth Parliaments!Brendan Social Media Intro.png

Brendan Liaw is a 4th year member and, in the past, has served as Deputy Minister of Regional Youth Parliaments, Deputy Minister of Sessional Affairs, and, most recently, Minister of Finance. Brendan has also been actively involved with Camp Phoenix and, of course, RYPs!

As Minister of Regional Youth Parliaments, Brendan’s goals are to ensure that all RYPs run smoothly and to improve the quality of parliamentary education at RYPs. After having been involved with 10 RYPs, in various capacities, Brendan is well suited to ensuring that they run successfully!

Outside of BCYP, Brendan is a  3rd year Honours Chemical Biology student at the University of British Columbia and is the Social Media/Web Coordinator for the Undergraduate Chemistry Society. In all of his “free time”, Brendan enjoys podcasts, listening to indie/alternative music, and watching far too many tv and movies. Fun fact! Brendan can name every single academy award winner for best picture!

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