Today, we will be introducing Ausha, our Minister of Service and Deputy Minister of the Northern Interior!Ausha Aksu Social Media Intro.png

Ausha is a second year member and after an exciting first year as a backbencher, Camp Phoenix staff member, and Premier of NBCYP, she is thrilled to be part of cabinet! Throughout the year, Ausha hopes to learn more about legislation, finances, and to help engage new members as well!

As Minister of Service, Ausha’s goal is to emphasize the service aspect of BCYP by ensuring that members maximize their ability to take positive action within their communities. As Deputy of the Northern Interior, Ausha’s goal is to provide more opportunities for Northern members to participate in group projects and stay connected. She is also looking forward to recruiting new RYP members, spending recklessly on new BCYP merch, and Camp Phoenix!

When Ausha is not busy with BCYP or studying, she can be found tagging friends in memes, getting distracted by dogs, rewatching the office, and the occasional hike outdoors. She also hopes to spend enough time on the slopes so that she finally learns how to ski!

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