Today we will be introducing Mackenzie Lockhart, our Minister of State (Parliamentary Education)!Mac Social Media Intro.png

This is Mackenzie’s 6th (and final) year as a member. In the past, he has served as Critic of the Archives and Internet Affairs, Deputy Minister of Finance, Minister of Finance, Deputy Premier, Deputy Attorney General, and, most recently, Attorney General. Throughout his time in Parliament, Mackenzie has been involved with RYP’s in various capacities, most notably, as the Chair of VYP. Mackenzie has also attended the Western Canada Youth Parliament 3 times!

As Minister of State (Parliamentary Education), Mackenzie’s goal is to work towards long term sustainability in education. He wants to empower BCYP and its members to ensure that youth across the province understand the parliamentary system. This year, he is also looking forward to his third, and final, Camp Phoenix! As someone who never thought they’d even be able to go to one, Camp holds a special place for Mackenzie and last year he served as Deputy Minister of Camp Phoenix and Assistant Camp Administrator

Outside of BCYP, Mackenzie is a PhD Student studying American Politics at the University of California, San Diego. Fun fact! Mackenzie has been instrumental in helping grow BCYP’s Social Media over the years as Minister of State (Social Media), Minister of State (@Social Media), and Minister of Social Media.

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