Today we will be introducing Callista Ryan, our Leader of the Opposition!

Callista Social Media Intro

Callista is a 4th year member and, in the past, has served as Minister of New Member Relations and, most recently, Minister of Regional Youth Parliaments. Callista has also been involved with Camp Phoenix and the North Shore Regional Youth Parliament as Premier and Chair. Fun fact! Callista has attended all 6 RYPs.
As the Leader of the Opposition, Callista’s main goal is to keep cabinet accountable. She hopes to do this by analyzing and critiquing legislation, invoking good debate, and promoting parliamentary education. Callista is looking forward to session because it is an opportunity to be surrounded with engaged people and to learn more about the parliamentary experience.
Outside of BCYP, Callista is currently studying International Relations at Western University and is proud to be a part of food security initiatives on campus. One day, she hopes to work in pubic service and governance, both in Canada and Internationally. Callista also enjoys tea, chocolate, and making cute cards for people and mailing them randomly.

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