The 89th session commences tomorrow and we are excited to introduce our Speaker and Lieutenant Governor!

James Social Media Intro.png

We are excited to announce that James Fraser will be acting as our speaker!

James Fraser was a member of BCYP from the 50th to the 54th sessions.  During his time in BCYP, he served as Minister of Sessional Affairs, the Island, Attorney General, and Premier.  He had so much fun doing that he hung around for a few more years as Chief Returning Officer and Chair of the Senate! James is looking forward to hearing members’ views on important social issues and the plans for awesome service projects, regionals, and other activities for 2018!

We are also pleased to announce the Honourable Darryl Plecas as our Lieutenant Governor!

The Honourable Darryl Plecas was first elected MLA for Abbotsford South in 2013 and was appointed Speaker of the Legislative Assembly on September 8, 2017. Previously, Dr. Plecas has served as the Parliamentary Secretary for Seniors to the Minister of Health and the Parliamentary Secretary for Accessibility, and also as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice.

Prior to his election as MLA, Dr. Plecas was the RCMP Senior University Research Chair and Director for the Centre for Public Safety and Criminal Justice Research at the University of the Fraser Valley, where he worked for 34 years. He holds two degrees in criminology from Simon Fraser University and a doctorate in higher education from the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Plecas has volunteered with many organizations, including the Salvation Army, BCIT, the Correctional Service of Canada, the Justice Institute of BC, the United Way, the Abbotsford Police Department, the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre, and the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse.

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