The Youth Parliament of BC Alumni Society 

The Youth Parliament of BC Alumni Society (“Alumni Society”) is the sponsoring body of the BC Youth Parliament. The Alumni Society is an incorporated society under the Society Act of BC and is comprised of those who are former members of BCYP, or its predecessor the Older Boys Parliament. Any member of BCYP can become a member of the Alumni Society and continue to participate in the activities of the Society.

Each year at the Annual General Meeting the Alumni Society elects the Board of Directors known as the “Senate.” In addition to the 14 “Senators” the Premier sits as an ex officio Senator by virtue of their position as a representative of BCYP. Senators act as mentors to cabinet ministers to assist them, through advice and encouragement, to help Parliament reach its goals for the year.

All of BCYP’s activities, are carried out under the umbrella of the Alumni Society and the Alumni Society is legally responsible for all of those activities. Because of this, the Senate reviews all the legislation passed by BCYP each year and throughout the year, the Senate reviews and monitors BCYP’s projects