Reflections from the 31st VYP/// #VYP31


As the 31st Vancouver Youth Parliament wraps up, I wanted to reflect upon what an amazing opportunity this was for members, and how proud I am of everyone who helped put this event together.

I’ve been to VYP three times, and I think that it’s safe to say that this was one of the most memorable ones yet – not only did we have amazing greetings from a number of notable politicians, community activists, and BCYP alumni, the membership was outstanding! Although my time in the house was limited, I noticed that every single member in the house was unique in their own right, and had something to offer. Some were loud and boisterous, providing levity to the house, while others were quiet and clinical, asking questions that needed to be asked, and doing the hard work that needed to be done in the background.

As one ages through the organisation, you think about the future a lot, if anyone can fill the shoes of those who have left. Perhaps this is the reason why I think that RYPs are our best projects. Not only do they give me hope for BCYP’s future, it also makes me thankful for what a wonderful province we share. BCYP and our RYPs should have a habit of creating the leaders of tomorrow and the quality of the youth coming through our ranks are increasing exponentially each year. and I’m absolutely certain that they’ll take something away from the experience of being a VYP member, even if it’s small.

Ranil Prasad

Chair of the 31st Vancouver Youth Parliament