Service is a core value of the British Columbia Youth Parliament. Throughout the year post session, members of BCYP participate in a number of projects to give back to our communities.

Service Projects

21751509_1948908252000558_7855193712676713066_nWith the help of the Minister of Service and Regional Ministers, BCYP members plan and participate in group service projects organized around the province. Members come together to volunteer with different organizations or special events, or serve to the community in ways of their own devising. Members also have the opportunity to carry out individual service projects in their communities by getting involved with local organizations and causes they are passionate about.


In order to ensure all of our projects run, eunnamed-2ach member is responsible for helping fundraise. With the help of the Minister of Community Fundraising and Regional Ministers, Members engage in group and individual fundraising projects in their communities. They also engage in service-related fundraising for a variety of causes.  Fundraising includes pledge events, soliciting donations, and large scale events such as the annual gala.


15590113_1806168399607878_7729394874798389043_nSocials are a chance for members to meet up with other members within their region, hang out, and have fun. Throughout the year, regional ministers are responsible for planning a number of socials throughout the province. Whether it’s meeting up to go to the boardgames cafe or having a Skype hangout, socials are a great way to connect with other members you’ve met at session or to relax after a service project


Regional Youth Parliaments

22228312_1957783611113022_2878483132157018607_nTo increase the number of youth who are able to participate in Youth Parliament activities, BCYP members organize and run Regional Youth Parliaments in various regions of the province. Regional Youth Parliaments are weekend-long sessions aimed at high school students between the ages of 14 and 18. Members gather to plan their activities for the upcoming year, as well as discussing local, national, and international issues in a parliamentary setting.

Camp Phoenix

Camp Phoenix is by far our largest and most ambitious project. Camp is a weekend sleepover summer camp for underprivileged youth would who otherwise be unable to attend a summer camp. Every year Camp Phoenix is held in a different location throughout the province in order to give 40-50 kids an unforgettable experience thanks to the Minister of Camp Phoenix with help from members.

Western Canada Youth Parliamentwcyp2014

Held biannually, WCYP is a cooperative project between the Youth Parliaments of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and BC, and rotates among each province.