House Leaders


Ranil Prasad | Premier

Ranil is in his fifth and final year of BCYP and is serving as Premier, having previously served as Critic of the Lower Mainland, Deputy Minister of the Lower Mainland, Minister of the Lower Mainland, Government Whip, and Minister of Fundraising. When he isn’t working on BCYP projects, Ranil is a fourth year student at UBC, studying human geography and political science, and does research into the BC Legislature with the BC Humanist Association. In his spare time, Ranil hosts (extremely exclusive!) dinner parties, is an avid Canucks fan, and has seen every BC Question Period since 2003!


Rhett Mutschke | Leader of the Opposition

Rhett Mutschke is entering his fifth year of BCYP as this year’s Leader of the Opposition. Having served as Minister of the Northern Interior and Minister for Camp Phoenix in the past, he is incredibly excited to be returning to the Opposition side of the House! Rhett is a fourth year student pursuing a Double Major in History and Political Science with a Minor in Slavic Studies at the University of Victoria, and enjoys reading, the outdoors, politics, sports, movies and video games. He enjoys service and working with youth in a variety of forms, as well as spending time as an active member and executive of the undergraduate History course union at UVic.


Semiah Marquard | Deputy Speaker

This will be Semiah’s fourth year in BCYP and this year she will be serving as Deputy Speaker and Parliamentary Secretary to Fundraising. She is entering her third year at UBC where she is pursuing a double major in English and History. When she is not on the bus or attending class, you  will find her at the pool lifeguarding or teaching swimming lessons, grabbing her six coffee of the day, or watching true crime documentaries. Fun fact: she has a cat named Rio that she loves more than life. This year, she is excited to engage in conversation about local issues, fulfil BCYP’s motto of “Youth Serving Youth” and serve her community alongside the members of the 91st Parliament. 




Olivia Reid-Friesen | Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance

Olivia Reid-Friesen is a second year student in the Theatre Department of the University of Victoria, studying production and management. Olivia first joined Youth Parliament at age 14 by attending VYP and is currently a fourth-year member of BCYP. She has previously served as a Microphone Operator at the 87th BCYP, a Backbencher at the 88th, Minister of Archives and the Minister of State (Gala) in the 89th, and Minister of Sessional Affairs in the 90th. In the 91st BCYP Session, she has the honour of serving as the Deputy Premier and the Minister of Finance. Olivia has dedicated time to community service while growing up in Richmond, working with the Girl Guides of Canada as a Leader after completing the program herself. At UVic, Olivia is currently serving as a Director at Large on the University of Victoria’s Student Society Board. A fun fact about her is her obsession with house plants.


Kaitlin Law | Attorney General

Kaitlin currently attends Queen Elizabeth Secondary. Only last year, she was a Backbencher at the 90th Session of British Columbia Youth Parliament, and this year she is exceedingly excited to be returning as Attorney General of the 91st Session! Outside of Youth Parliament, she is just your average high school student trying to make a difference in her community. Kaitlin is also a bubble tea fanatic, which you will come to know very quickly; so, invite her out for bubble tea and a chat and she would be happy to oblige. Kaitlin can’t wait to greet you at the 91st Session of British Columbia Youth Parliament, so please be sure to say hello.


Charlotte White | Minister of Camp Phoenix

Charlotte White is returning for her fourth year in Youth Parliament, and is so excited to be serving as Minister of Camp Phoenix! Outside of Youth Parliament, Charlotte is in her second year at the University of British Columbia studying sustainable agriculture in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. Originally from Langley, BC, Charlotte spends her school year in Vancouver walking around and marvelling at how close everything is. She enjoys skiing, playing the bass, and baking bread. If you want to get on her good side, offer her anything pumpkin flavoured or sour cream!


Kishoore Ramanathan | Minister of Regional Youth Parliaments, Minister of Archives and Data, and Government Whip

Kishoore (Kish) is a second-year student at the University of British Columbia with the aspiration to become a high school English teacher. This is his third year in BCYP, after starting with the 89th Session. This year Kishoore will be serving as the Minister of RYPs, Archives and Data, and Government Whip. Kishoore attended several RYPs before his BCYP years began and is excited to help others experience the same joy of weekend-long parliamentary blasts. Kishoore often falls into bodies of water, including but not limited to Loch Ness, Deer Lake, Fraser River, and a random swamp in Guangzhou, and is a Sun-sign Taurus, Moon-sign Gemini!


Jessana Akehurst | Minister of New Member Relations and Minister of Service

Jessana Akehurst is currently in Grade 12 at Seaquam Secondary in Delta. She is entering her second year in BCYP and is excited to take on the role of Minister of New Member Relations and Service. When she’s not making friends with the new members, Jessana can be found talking about politics or the environment quite passionately. She has also been involved in musical theatre since she was young and enjoys making art, performing and reading. Jessana is also involved in her community’s youth council, her school’s student council as President, Climate Strikes Canada, as well as other various activities that fill up her schedule. She hopes that everyone has a fantastic year with BCYP!


Megan Ryan-Lloyd | Minister of Sessional Affairs and Minister of the Islands

Megan Ryan-Lloyd is the Minister of Sessional Affairs and the Islands, with this being her second year as a proud BCYP Member. She is in Grade 12 at St. Andrews Regional High in Victoria. With respect to her role as Minister of Sessional Affairs, Megan will work hard to support the annual Session in December and assist all Members. She is also excited to take on the role of Minister of the Islands, working with Members from throughout Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and the beautiful Sunshine Coast. When not following her BCYP passion, Megan is working to graduate this year and also serve as student body president, keeping her more than busy. She also loves playing soccer, enthusiastically follows politics, and spends her summers as a summer camp leader. She is excited to ensure everyone has a fantastic experience in the 2019–2020 BCYP Sessional year.


Karina Valcke-Beckett | Minister of the Lower Mainland

Karina is currently a second-year student at the the University of British Columbia, with the hopes of studying political science in her upper years. This is her fourth year in BCYP, and having served as both the Opposition Whip of the 89th session and Parliamentary Secretary to the Lower Mainland in the 90th session, she is excited to work this year as the Minister of the Lower Mainland. Outside of school and BCYP, Karina works as a part-time barista at Starbucks and a full-time dog enthusiast. Feel free to talk to her any time about dogs, coffee, hikes or anything else that you may be interested in!


James Krause | Minister of the Northern and Southern Interior

James Krause is the Minister of the Interior of the 91st BCYP. He is 17 years old, and currently attends Penticton Secondary School as a senior. Going into his second year in BCYP, James is incredibly grateful to be able to serve on Cabinet. He looks forward to bringing new and exciting service projects to the Interior and helping the region reach its full potential. When he isn’t in BCYP, James enjoys longboarding, playing jazz saxophone, and listening to music. His favourite TV show is Mad Men and he loves to play World of Warcraft when he has free time.


Zara Herbert | Minister of Fundraising

Zara Herbert is a second year student studying kinesiology at the University of British Columbia and is from Vancouver. This will mark her fourth year as a member of BCYP, however she has previously attended BCYP Sessions as a Sergeant-at-Arms and as a Page. In the past, Zara has been on Cabinet as Provincial Secretary and as the Minister of Internet Communications. She has also attended the 28th, 30th, and 31st Vancouver Youth Parliaments and has held the roles of Regional Secretary and Minister of Parliamentary Activities. This year, she is excited to take on the role of the Minister of Fundraising at the 91st BCYP! Outside of BCYP, Zara is heavily involved in the sport of synchronized swimming as an athlete and a coach and is also working as a lifeguard.


Abby Head | Minister of Donor Engagement

Abby Head is originally from Powell River, and is currently in her first year at the University of British Columbia. Abby is entering her third year of BCYP. Having previously served on Shadow Cabinet in the 90th Session as Critic of Public Relations and New Member Relations, she is excited to be serving as Minister of Donor Engagement in the 91st Session. Abby enjoys dance, fitness, cooking and taking part in various service organizations. She has also done extensive work choreographing and teaching dance as well as working for both the Powell River Food Security Project and Sunshine Coast Tourism. Abby looks forward to continuing to learn about parliamentary procedure and furthering her embodiment of BCYP’s motto, “Youth Serving Youth”.


Liam Olsen | Minister of Public Relations

Liam Olsen is a second-year political science and history student at McGill University. The son of a teacher and a writer, Liam grew up in a house where talk about current events, politics, and community gossip was so constant that they were practically members of the family. A native of North Vancouver, Liam first became involved in BCYP through the late, great North Shore Youth Parliament in 2016 before attending BCYP for the first time in 2018. Liam is excited (and slightly terrified) to serve as Minister of Public Relations this session and will focus on expanding awareness of BCYP at the school and community level. When he’s not ranting his friends to death about politics and the state of Canadian democracy, Liam can be found cycling, hiking, eating rice (which he loves), and in his happy place, sharing a meal with friends.


Joseph Chien | Provincial Secretary and Minister of Internet Communications

Joseph Chien is a second-year political science student at the University of British Columbia and is honoured to spend his fourth year of membership in the British Columbia Youth Parliament serving as the Provincial Secretary and Minister of Internet Communications. Having attended his first Session merely wanting some public speaking experience due to his background in Model United Nations, he is grateful to have since become part of a tight-knit community united for the common purpose of service to the community. When he is not preparing for or attending a Youth Parliament event, Joseph enjoys playing the violin, designing memes using PowerPoint 2004, winning countless debates (against himself), and trying not to kill his houseplants.


Adriana Thom | Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs

Adriana is in her fourth year of BCYP and in the past has served as the Minister of Regional Youth Parliaments and the now defunct Ministries of Social Media, Internet Affairs, and Communications. Besides being passionate about Camp Phoenix and Regional Youth Parliaments, Adriana is also passionate about Youth Parliament in general — after attending the 18th Western Canada Youth Parliament, she is excited to be the Chair of the 1st Canada Youth Parliament happening in 2020. Outside of YP, Adriana is a third year student at the University of Victoria pursuing a Double Major in Geography and Political Science, so she loves to wear stocks and socks and rant about climate change. She also works for the Canada Border Services Agency, which means she is out there, protecting the border. In her spare time, she enjoys quoting drag race, listening to country music, and joking about being a witch and accepting applications for her coven.

Parliamentary Secretaries

Parliamentary Secretary to the Lower Mainland
Damneet Thiara

Parliamentary Secretary to Fundraising
Semiah Marquard

Parliamentary Secretary to Public Relations
Angela Hu


In keeping with the parliamentary structure of BCYP, our board of directors of the Alumni Society are affectionately referred to as the "Senate". 


The British Columbia Youth Parliament models itself after the Westminster Parliamentary system. BCYP is sponsored by the Youth Parliament of BC Alumni Society. Our Premier serves as the only sitting representative of the membership on our Board of Directors.



Jason Herbert

Ambrose Yung

Executive Director
Artour Sogomonian

Alumni Affairs Director
Sarah O’Connor

Chief Returning Officer & Registrar
Rhonda Vanderfluit

Press Secretary
Sky Losier

Risk Management Committee Chair
Corrigan Cassidy

Darya Ali

Chris Green

Danica Wong

Dora Turje