Regional Youth Parliaments

Held across the province, Regional Youth Parliaments (RYPs) are our signature method of teaching public speaking and parliamentarianism. They facilitate a practical experience in leadership like no other.

Members debate resolutions pertaining to local, national, and international issues of their own choosing, and draft bills to debate policy and learn procedure. With the opportunity to run activities ranging from social gatherings to fundraisers to service projects, members are given the opportunity to meet other youth in their communities and work together in true democratic fashion to aid their own intellectual growth alongside their communities.


Community Building

RYPs give youth an opportunity to meet other young people who care about their communities.

They facilitate meaningful engagement, and help youth interact with other youth from all walks of life.

RYPs offer their members a chance to make connections with peers while fostering personal growth - both as they learn more about themselves, and each other.

Debate & Parliamentary Education

RYPs offer a unique opportunity for their members to learn about the parliamentary process in a hands-on, immersive environment.

Unlike traditional “Mock” Parliaments, we allow our members to vote with their conscience on all matters of debate. We have no political parties.

Debate can encompass issues that affect all levels of our members’ communities - be it local, regional, provincial, national, or global. Topics are always proposed by members, making each issue a true representation of what youth care about in their community.



Fostering Engagement

BCYP firmly believes in the ability of young people to effect positive change.

RYPs allow their members to give back to their communities through the BC Youth Parliament.

Members may apply to the Minister of RYPs to run fundraisers and service projects that give back to their communities. Members are also given opportunities to participate in the activities of their local BC Youth Parliament counterparts.